Theater Review: Brigham’s Playhouse turns back hands of time with sentimental “feel the difference” theater.

Brigham's Playhouse Exterior
Brigham's Playhouse

Brigham's Playhouse Exterior
There are a multitude of experiences live theater offers at the community theater level. It is often difficult to know what to expect. It can range from very basic to professional level theater. Southern Utah is truly blessed with gifted talent offering extraordinary live theater productions. Brigham’s Playhouse “Feel the Difference” is far more than a slogan, it is the way they operate.

Brigham's Playhouse buildingThe theater is nestled in the rustic charm of Cottontown Village. An entire city block built to be reminiscent of the nostalgic times of yesteryear. Upon entering the village, the sights captivate the senses as the world outside the village begin to fade away. The romantic yearning of days long gone ushers in sentimental wistfulness for simpler times. The theater stands proudly prominent within the village. Its strong standing offers a silent, but exclaiming proclamation of importance. Without a doubt, it is a place of community gathering and celebrating.

As the sound of walking up the wooden stairs onto the wooden walkway echoes and creeks under foot, each step takes you further into another time and place. Approaching the entrance to the theater, audience members are greeted with a welcome and a smile by characters from the play. Engaging in conversation further seduces the senses that by now are ready to be fully taken into this enticing evening awaiting through the doors.

BrighamUpon reaching the interior a sense of excited anticipation permeates the air. Seeing and feeling the suspense of other audience members and characters percolate leading up to show time stimulates the senses further. Taking in the sights of the cozy, quaint charm of the intimate theater, hearing the buzz of enlivened chatter and the smell of delicious concessions is almost intoxicating.

While the atmosphere is filled to capacity with magic energy, the sloped flooring within the small theater, guarantees every seat to be a good one. As showtime arrives, Jamie Young, owner and producer, takes time to connect with the audience. This is a candid moment where he shares the status of the theater company, a little about the production of the night, draws for prizes and in a show of appreciation thanks sponsors and audience members for their support. The sincerity is felt, he knows it is the support of others that keeps them being able to operate and his gratitude shows. This little moment is not often utilized in other theater settings and it sets Brigham’s Playhouse apart. It makes the experience personable and brings a feel of community–connecting the audience and theater–nearing a sense of ownership through supporting the organization.

IMG_5226As the play begins, the audience is engrossed by the production. The set, costumes, characters and crew take the cue and present a spell binding production. Many of the folks work on multiple productions creating a chemistry not easily constructed. Brigham’s Playhouse has mastered the formula and it shows in the ease in which the actors work together to bring the script to life. Their interactions and rapport flow effortlessly with an electric performance of each show of each production. The way they are able to invoke emotions from the audience expressed in laughter, tears and mesmerized attention demonstrates the level of professionalism offered at Brigham’s Playhouse.

IMG_5231 (3)While Brigham’s Playhouse offers an unique experience in community theater, a spectacular show is not uncommon to experience here–it is the norm. They continue to provide quality productions with every show. Their productions will have you laughing, reminiscing and crying as the actors weave their tale for you to behold. Offering wholesome family-friendly entertainment, their shows are the perfect setting for date night or taking the family out for a memorable night on the town. The concessions are a hit with kids and adults alike. The flavored popcorn and ice-cream are worth the occasion themselves. Floats, cookies, fresh-pressed apple cider and Brigham’s Brew Root Beer make the choices difficult but always certain to satisfy childhood cravings.

Where Brigham’s Playhouse stands out is manifested in their feel the difference slogan. Good theater allows the viewer to be taken to another place. It provides an escape from the reality of the world in which the daily grind takes place into a realm where one is transported for a period to be entertained. From the moment you arrive it is apparent there is something different.  

IMG_4077 (2)Brigham’s Playhouse is an amazing little gem in the desert. The family friendly entertainment unfolds in a rustic, cozy, charming atmosphere for an experience second to none. They are perpetuating talent and fun of what community theater is all about while delivering top-notch quality entertainment. Friendly staff, that greets and thanks you for coming before and after the show with genuine sincerity, makes you feel like part of the family.

With their ability to deliver impressive performances and uplift audiences with professional and inspiring entertainment in such an incredible setting, Brigham’s Playhouse may possibly be the grandest little theater in southern Utah. Without a doubt, you will feel the difference at Brigham’s Playhouse.

For more information about Brigham’s Playhouse, please visit or call 435.251.8000. Box Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 2 pm-7 pm; and Saturday 12 pm-7 pm.

Brigham's Playhouse by The Desert PulseWhere to find Brigham’s Playhouse:

Cottontown Village
25 North 300 West
Washington, UT 84780
(435) 251-8000



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