Theater Review: Brigham’s Playhouse 110 In the Shade is a cool hit.

110 In the Shade

110 In the Shade
Brigham’s Playhouse 110 In the Shade is a cool hit.
Reviewed and Written by Ashley Smith Paramore.

110 In The Shade is a musical adaptation of the 1954 play, The Rainmaker. Written by N. Richard Nash, this bighearted story offers a throwback plot. The story centers around Lizzie, a spinster living on a ranch in the southwest desert, struggling to realize her potential.

110 In the ShadeLizzie’s self-worth and value is centered primarily on her ability to attract a man. However, she refuses to do so artificially and is determined to find success on her own terms. The luck she has suggests her love life will remain as arid as the drought-stricken town she is living.  

The play opens with Lizzie on her way home from staying with family friends. The stay was meant to be a way for her to find a man in the neighboring town. Her dad and brothers are at the train station awaiting her arrival. Lizzie does not return with the love of her life as anticipated. Disappointed in her inability to catch a man on her expedition, the men in her family start hatching a new plan to try and set her up.

Before the advent of dating sites, folks relied upon church socials and community gatherings as the method of finding a suitable date. So, the town picnic, happening later the day she returns, offers her male family members the perfect opportunity to make things happen. Lizzie is not fond of the idea. She does not think highly of herself and has only viewed herself as plain, never pretty.

110 In the ShadeAn attempt to set things up with what appears to be the ideal match-up in the eligible sheriff proves futile. Despite an attraction, his emotional unavailability results in the possibility going nowhere. Noah, Lizzie’s brother, makes matters worse when he insists it is time to face the facts; Lizzie is plain and will never marry. This further validates Lizzie’s fears of forever being destined to remain alone.

Everything starts to change when Starbuck, a man claiming to be a rainmaker, comes to town. The mysterious and charismatic wanderer shows up with enthusiastic promises to bring rain to the moisture deprived town. In the process, he is able to show Lizzie the reality of her own beauty. He is able to help her appreciate who she is, what she has to offer and feel worthy to be loved. Despite her father making a potential gaff in hopes of insuring the success of the relationship, Starbuck ends up bringing a lot more than rain to the lives of Lizzie and the people of the town.

110 In the Shade110 In the Shade is entertaining from start to finish. It delivers the trifecta of good play making: fun music, well-written comedy and endearing connection with a warm love story. The music, written by the legendary Tom Jones, combined with the talented actors and their incredible energy will definitely keep playing in your head well after you have seen it. The script is brilliant with its sarcastic humor and is well played-out with a fantastic cast. It is entertaining throughout the entire show. The props are beautiful, the costumes are stylish and the casts energy is the cherry on top.

This is definitely a play I would go see again and again.

110 In the Shade will be running at Brigham’s Playhouse through September 17. Shows are Thursdays through Saturdays at 7 pm with Saturday matinees at 2 pm.

For more information about Brigham’s Playhouse, please or call 435.251.8000. Box Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 2 pm-7 pm; and Saturday 12 pm-7 pm.

Brigham's Playhouse by The Desert PulseWhere to find Brigham’s Playhouse:

Cottontown Village
25 North 300 West
Washington, UT 84780
(435) 251-8000



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