Sand Hollow Resort announces partnership with The Desert Pulse to present LIVE Music and Entertainment

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday @ Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow Resort announces partnership with The Desert Pulse to present LIVE Music and Entertainment.

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow ResortSand Hollow Resort is a premier destination to escape, play, discover and relax. Home to Utah’s favorite golf course, and consistently among the Nation’s top 50 courses, the resort also offers local opportunities for boating, motor sports, biking and hiking at Sand Hollow Reservoir, the Sand Mountain Dunes, and top-rated Zion National Park. Ideally located in southern Utah, residents and guests have unlimited outdoor recreation at their fingertips.

To increase its offerings and world class amenities, Sand Hollow Resort is adding live music and adult nightlife to the mix. The resort will offer weekly live music at the clubhouse every Friday and Saturday evening beginning Friday, July 21. 2017. A monthly after hours mini concert, dubbed Super Saturday @ Sand Hollow Resort begins Saturday, August 12, 2017 and will include a social gathering for guests to enjoy live music, dining, beverages and a setting second to none under the star filled southern Utah sky. Multi-day live music festivals, wine socials with music and additional entertainment is all part of the big picture of creating Sand Hollow Resort as the regions live music and entertainment destination.

The Desert Pulse
Based on the reputation The Desert Pulse has earned in being the premier resource for live music and entertainment in the region, Sand Hollow Resort has contracted with The Desert Pulse to provide the live music and entertainment for the resort. The Desert Pulse has become well known across the region in consistently delivering top shelf entertainment. Having developed, created, enriched or booked for most of the areas favorite events and venues (The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden at Georgefest, Red Rock LIVE in Kanab, Duck Creek Village, St. George City 4th of July Celebration, Kanab’s Balloons and Tunes Battle of the Bands, Kanab’s 4th of July Celebration, Brian Head, Even Stevens and others) it was a natural fit for a partnership to raise the bar on the Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment offerings while placing Sand Hollow Resort at the hub of it all.

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow Resort
“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Desert Pulse as part of our initiative to become a favorite national destination for adventure, relaxation and nightlife,” states Sand Hollow Resort Marketing Director, Krista Wiekamp. “Having seen what The Desert Pulse brings to the table in creating an incredible experience for participants–I knew this was the perfect partnership and had to get them for our live music and entertainment coordinator. We have a tremendous amount of fantastic projects being planned as we move forward in offering the very best entertainment for the community, visitors and guests. We invite all to come out and enjoy the music and entertainment as we celebrate life together in this beautiful space we call home.”

“The Desert Pulse is thoroughly thrilled with this partnership with Sand Hollow Resort,” exclaimed George Scott, owner/operator of The Desert Pulse. “Not only does this put Sand Hollow Resort on the register of LIVE Music offerings–it places them at the center of the Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment scene. This provides the opportunity to make Sand Hollow Resort the LIVE Music destination for the entire region.”

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow Resort
With plans not only to be able to increase the talent and venue options of musicians playing in southern Utah–Sand Hollow Resort will be able to offer the community, visitors and guests an increased opportunity for top-notch music experiences. Offering attendees an elevated experience is what The Desert Pulse is known for; and intends on taking it to a higher level as they continue to raise the bar on live music and entertainment in southern Utah.

The partnership with Sand Hollow Resort is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort towards The Desert Pulse creating a music mecca here in the desert. This project has been in development behind the scenes for quite some time. The biggest hurdle in launching was finding the right venue/location for all the magic to happen. Multiple places were looked at and meetings held with several offerings of venue use. But, none of them had all of the right feel and offerings to make this special until the call from Sand Hollow was made to The Desert Pulse.

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow Resort
“When I got the call, I was excited but initially hesitant,” shared Scott. I had been holding so much excitement only to be underwhelmed by many other potential venues. Each had its draws but none offered the total package of being able to make the dream a reality. Then, I met with Sand Hollow Resort and everything fell into place. This place is perfect. It is gorgeous and the magic was felt the moment I stepped foot onto the property. And, once I began getting to know the staff and their overwhelming hospitality, I knew this was a match that was meant to be.”

The coral pink sand dunes, luscious green golf course and outcroppings of striking red rock cliffs offers an ambiance of natural beauty at every angle. The breathtaking views in the distance of Zion National Park and Pine Valley Mountain creates panoramic views from every vantage point. All of this tasty “eye candy” is especially gorgeous from the deck of the hilltop clubhouse at Sand Hollow Resort.

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow Resort
The live music and entertainment being added will enhance the experience with nightlife options as the day fades to night. Each weekend, the live music will provide a place for adventure seekers to nostalgically reminisce of the finished day and planning of the next great adventure for the day ahead while dining or enjoying a refreshing beverage at the clubhouse.

Super Saturday @ Sand Hollow Resort will be an after hours celebration at the clubhouse with a higher energy environment and good time vibe. While it is geared towards adults 21 and over, licensing allows for those under 21 to attend. Great music is good for consumption by any age and often travelers and visitors to the area have their kids with them and will be welcome to attend. Obviously, anyone wishing to purchase/consume alcohol must be 21 and id’s will be required regardless of age.

The Super Saturday @ Sand Hollow Resort will also benefit several local charities. Discussions are in place with multiple charities to develop a donation benefit relationship. A few select sponsors are participating to cover expenses of the operation so that all of the door charge can be donated to local community charities.

The Desert Pulse Super Saturday at Sand Hollow Resort
“While my passion runs deep with live music, the opportunity to give back to the community through donating to these worthy charities is something I am extremely excited about,” Scott explains. “It was not long ago that I was in a rough patch in life and relied on help from some of these charities or know people personally that have been able to benefit from their kindness. I am still working towards being able to offer financial contributions of my own; but, setting this venture up in a way that allows me to give back through producing quality productions everyone can enjoy is something I have known I wanted to do from the start. Covering the operating costs through quality sponsors will allow us to raise a significant amount for these amazing charitable organizations.”

The resort will also be hosting multi day live music festivals and other celebrations in the near future. The plan is to establish the weekly and monthly offerings while building and developing full blown, big time music festivals to the resort.

“We are in the beginning process of planning and developing the music festivals now,” Scott shared. “We will be meeting with Hurricane City, the DABC and others to get the permits and licensing in place as we prepare the logistics and bookings for these future special events. We will be initiating a founders club and VIP club for helping make it all possible. In the meantime, we are putting our major attention to providing the very best weekly and monthly talent available.”

The Desert Pulse
“I would like to invite everyone out to experience what we are bringing. We begin our free weekly LIVE Music Friday, July 21 with Josh Larsen performing from 6:30-8:30 pm and Lisa Mac performing Saturday, July 22 from 6:30-8:30 pm. We will be doing a soft launch VIP opening presentation of our monthly events on Saturday, August 12, 2017. We will have The Naturals, Dick Earl’s Electric Witness and Soul What!? providing an electrifying night for invited guests. To be added to the VIP list and receive an invitation, there are a couple of requirements: 1. Like The Desert Pulse page of Facebook. 2. Request an add to the VIP group (pinned post on The Desert Pulse Facebook page). This will allow us to register you and send an invitation to the launch of the most spectacular live music and entertainment offering in the region.”

“If you have ever attended, enjoyed or liked any of the events The Desert Pulse has produced–you are going to absolutely LOVE what we are doing with Sand Hollow Resort.”

Let’s dance!

For musicians interested in performing or for those interested in becoming sponsors; please email (musicians–please include all contact information, short bio along with links to your music and social media pages).

For more information on Sand Hollow Resort visit:
Sand Hollow Resort website
Sand Hollow Resort Facebook page

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