Raven Cain releases second album, “Oblivious”

Raven Cain oblivious

Raven Cain obliviousRaven Cain releases second album, “Oblivious”
Written by Sang Kim Lee

Unbelievable, someone has finally had the courage to mix two of the greatest music genres on the planet together. Southern Rock and Outlaw Country. No, I am not talking about Hank Williams Jr. or even Lynyrd Skynyrd. I am talking about none other than local musician Raven Cain.

In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know who Raven Cain is I will give you a quick synopsis:

Raven Cain obliviousRaven Cain is a man whose life reads like a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Raven was raised in an ultra religious cult, with a father who was an absent musician and a stepfather who abused, poisoned, and almost killed him. Escaping the turmoil, Raven became a touring singer opening for acts such as Henry Rollins, LA Guns, and Sevendust to name but a few. He has music on an episode of the hit TV show Malcolm In The Middle and recently discovered that the artist PitBull has used parts of his music.

Raven is an Outlaw Country/Rock musician from Richmond, Virginia who now resides in Hurricane UT. He is a 6th degree black belt, co-founder of the martial art known as KaJuKiBo and a fully ordained Buddhist Priest. He is one of the only artists that I am aware of out of Southern Utah to have received two major label record contracts. Raven recently signed with Atlantic Records and previously was with Universal Music Group.

Raven Cain obliviousOn December 16th Raven Cain will be releasing his second album entitled Oblivious on Atlantic Records via the Atlantic imprint 405 Hollywood. The music on the album is a mix of modern day southern rock with a touch of outlaw country. If you can imagine Hank Williams Jr meets Guns N Roses you get a good idea of what the new album sounds like. It is an album for true southern rock, classic rock and outlaw country fans.

For this album, Raven brought in the crunchy guitar style of virtuoso Tommy Harrison. This addition has added depth to the feel of Raven’s music on this new album. Bringing Tommy Harrison to the mix gives the songs a dirty southern rock sound. Tommy’s expert skill is very noticeable and many fans say it was the element that was missing in the guitar playing on the first album. The vocals are exactly what you have come to love and expect from Raven Cain with his soulful voice shining through with a strong southern drawl.

The first single and music video for the album is called Bad Boy and is now available to view on YouTube. The song Bad Boy is getting regular radio airplay in Europe and Raven is building a strong fanbase overseas because of the popularity of the single. You can view the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJsZ4jeH8HA

Raven Cain oblivious
Raven Cain Oblivious | Photo Credit: Christina Gregg | The Desert Pulse

Raven came to a Crossroads in his career when his contract with Universal Music Group expired. He had a choice of going independent or going with one of the multiple record companies that were offering him deals. Companies like CBM, TMG, Dreamscape Records, and Atlantic Records were all on the table. After long deliberation with his advisor, as well as his entertainment attorney, Darrel Miller, and managers at 405 Hollywood, Raven decided to sign with Atlantic Records.

Raven Cain’s new music is slam packed full of deep philosophies and harmonies. His new collection of songs is akin to the music version of the movie Fight Club. Many of the new songs have an underlying philosophical concept. I can’t say it is all serious, because there are songs that have a story that anyone can relate to, as well as shout outs to Hank and even David Allen Coe. There is even a Deep Purple like song called Scars featuring the amazing music magician John Houston.

Raven Cain obliviousRaven Cain’s new album was written and recorded and in several different locations throughout the United States. The guitars, drums and bass guitar was recorded in Jacksonville, Florida by producer and guitar player Tommy Harrison.

Raven said, “I wanted that Southern Rock sound, and where else do you get that sound but from Jacksonville, Florida, the birthplace of Southern Rock?” 

The vocals, piano and organ were recorded in Southern Utah by John Houston.

“Frankly I don’t think there is a better keyboard player on the planet then John Houston, and I had to have him on the album,” Raven exclaimed. 

Raven Cain GluttonAs a side note, working with Tommy Harrison brought life back to an old project called Glutton. Glutton is a Metal band that Raven and Tommy played in together in early 2000 in Virginia. They recorded a new Glutton album for fun and Raven shopped the album to Atlantic. The result is Glutton is now signed to Atlantic and 405 Hollywood With a two album deal. So, fans will be able to hear Raven’s trademark voice singing metal music very soon.

Raven Cain’s new album Oblivious is scheduled for release on Dec 16 and will be available on all digital markets. Vinyl copies of the album will be available at Raven Cain’s tour shows in a town near you.


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