Powerhouse music sensation, Bombay Heavy to rock Zion

Bombay Heavy playing sold out crowd at Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas, NV
Bombay Heavy
Bombay Heavy playing Bit and Spur | Photo credit: Christina Gregg

Powerhouse music sensation, Bombay Heavy to rock Zion. The past year has had Bombay Heavy members busy sharing in performances across the globe with music legends such as The Killers, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Death Cab for Cutie among others. And, now, the highly pedigreed musicians are returning to southern Utah where they launched their world debut. Bombay Heavy will bring their incredibly “retro-fresh” sound, for one night only, to the intimate setting of the Bit and Spur in Springdale, UT. April 28 offers the opportunity to experience top shelf musicians in an up-close and personal concert in one of the most sought after geographic destinations in the world.

The upcoming concert offers a rare opportunity for music lovers to witness an incredibly talented group that have collectively played all over the world with some of the biggest names in music. Following their performance in The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden, drummer Rob Whited, went on tour with Bruce Springsteen for six weeks in Australia and New Zealand. This was after spending New Year’s Eve sharing the evening working with The Killers and Paul McCartney. Throw in some work with Death Cab for Cutie and a reunion of Big Bad Zero and you start to get a feel for why Whited’s talent is renowned throughout the music world.

Bombay Heavy
New Year’s Eve performance with The Killers and Paul McCartney | Photo credit: Rob Whited

Lead singer, Barnabus Wu (a.k.a. David Hopkins) has certainly seen his share of large arenas across the world while being in the band LiR. The band saw major success and shared the stage with The Who, U2, Ray Charles, Iggy Pop and others. Following his run with LiR, Hopkins launched a solo career and also played keyboards for The Who on the Quadrophenia Tour.

The list of accomplishments could go on and on with the substantial background these seasoned veterans possess. But, it is not about what they have done–it is about what they are currently doing with Bombay Heavy that is of importance. Obviously, their past has an influence and is opening doors that most can only dream of having the opportunity to enter. However, it takes serious talent to remain on the stage–and, the heavy-hitters of Bombay Heavy demonstrate this with ease, confidence and authority.

Bombay Heavy
Bombay Heavy playing to packed crowd at Bit and Spur | Springdale, UT | Photo Credit: Gordon Strang

Bombay Heavy brings a distinctive British sound with an explosive mix of Led Zeppelin, Blur, Pink Floyd and Beck. They present a retro-nostalgic feel that weaves effortlessly through multiple influences, styles and decades of music all while being completely modern and breathtakingly fresh.

Listeners will feel a range of emotions with the music of Bombay Heavy. There is a mixture of James Bond, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Cars, Prince, and so many more. A relaxing vibe to the music which almost feels a bit reggae in a distant way. The lyrics range the gamut of subjects from fun, political, and poignant. All the while, making the listener want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beverage and quietly contemplate; while at other times, hang out with mates to dance and party. The music blends enjoyment and intelligence like they are meant to be paired.

Their ability to mix so many influences adds a depth of comfort and familiarity while doing so in a way that is completely unique, honest, and fresh. The magic of Bombay Heavy is their aptness to bring just enough of the feel of various influences without overdoing it and feeling like a remake. They offer just enough to taste the notes without being overbearing or being able to reference their music to any other music. This music is distinctively Bombay Heavy.

Bombay Heavy
Is it psychedelic? Alternative? Experimental? Heavy? It is all of this and more. But, only so much can be written about music and the people who play it–music is meant to be experienced. At 10 pm on April 28 at the Bit and Spur–Bombay Heavy will deliver an intimate concert experience no music lover should miss.

Who: Bombay Heavy
Where: Bit and Spur
1212 Zion Park Blvd
Springdale, UT 84767
Time: 10:00 pm
Cost: $15 at the door


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