Local Short Films “THE HIT” and “THE NAUTILUS” to premiere at Electric Theater

The Hit
The Hit premieres at the Electric Theater May 5

Local Short Films “THE HIT” and “THE NAUTILUS” to premiere at Electric Theater.

The Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah (FMASU) is hosting a special short film double feature event at the Electric Theater on May 5. The public is invited to attend and support the local film-making community. While the event is separate from Georgefest, the film premieres are being shown at 8 pm, allowing attendees to maximize their visit to Historic Downtown and catch it all. Admission to the film premiere is $2.

Both short films were written and directed by talented local filmmakers and both projects could not be any different from one another. What these films do have in common is that they were crafted by passionate, endlessly creative storytellers with a pure love for film as an art form.

The Hit
The Hit premieres at the Electric Theater May 5


Shot on location in Southern Utah, this tightly wound noir thriller tells the story of two hitmen (played by Ctormy Thomas and Ryan Hughes) who are the very best at what they do. Of course, in this particular line of work, there are secrets aplenty and ultimately, things aren’t always as they seem in “The Hit.” Andrea Kile Peterson, Joel Thomas, Bob Baumann, and Shayne Cullen also star. “The Hit” was directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan Fowlks. The screenplay was written by Fowlks and  Ctormy Thomas. No language and no nudity but there are adult themes and some violence. Running Time: 23 min.

The Nautilus premieres with The Hit
The Nautilus premieres at the Electric Theater May 5.


Dan Bringhurst’s relentlessly quirky musical puts a colorfully audacious spin on a Jules Verne classic. In “The Nautilus,” three men lost at sea come face to face with an obsessed captain and his merry crew in what could be best described as “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” meets “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”  The Nautilus” was written and directed by Dan Bringhurst. This Space Between produced comedy stars Sheldon Demke, Dan Fowlks, Christian Navarrete, Tysen Bang, Peter Goodge and Cragun Clayburn.  No language and no nudity but “The Nautilus” does feature sexual innuendo and adult situations. Running Time: 24 min.

Both short films will be followed by a cast and crew Q & A.

During the course of the evening, information regarding the upcoming “Summer Movie Edition of the Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge” will also be unveiled.

WHEN: Friday May 5
th, 2017—Doors at 7:30 pm, Show Starts at 8 pm
WHERE: The Electric Theater (68 E. Tabernacle)
COST: $2

*Schedule subject to change.

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