Georgefest appeals to younger crowd with Jazz Garden music selection, return of DJ Dance Party and Back to School Bash


Georgefest appeals to younger crowd with Jazz Garden music selection, return of DJ Dance Party and Back to School Bash.

With summer vacation winding down, Georgefest is reaching out to the youth to come out for a final downtown celebration before returning to classes and hitting the books.

Georgefest SegoCollege-aged students will enjoy the return of Sego to the monthly, First Friday event. Rather than playing the Main Street Stage, the duo will be playing the George Jazz Garden. Hailing from rural Utah, Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll are a part of the collective pool of talent emerging from the Provo music scene. The two packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of a music career.

Their original rebellious rhythms continue to be intertwined with new stylistic influences from living life in the big city. Adding West Coast skate punk, techno and garage rock into their grungy undertones–produces an unconventional sound and experience resembling the haphazardness associated with the American youth culture of today.

GeorgefestThe Main Street Stage features Wildflower Studies from 7-8:30 pm. Originally from southern Utah under the name Sala and Edgar, this duo is well known to the community and delivers a enjoyable show for people of all ages. Each sings, and does it well. Whether it is Sala taking lead with her wide range of soul gripping vocals or Edgar with his sexy growling voice taking charge or the ying and yang of the two combining their efforts–they will grab your attention.

Youth favorite, DJ Dance Party returns to Georgefest
Following Wildflower Studies performance, the DJ Dance Party will take place in front of the Main Street Stage this month with new DJ. DJ Wulf takes the stage to spin the tunes from 8:30-10:30 pm. Georgefest staff indicate this is a temporary location, for August only, as they explore other options.

Georgefest cancels DJ Dance Party
Georgefest cancels DJ Dance Party | Community youth stand in regular location of DJ Dance Party looking for the party at Georgefest | June 2017 |

Following the decision by Georgefest staff to cancel the DJ Dance Party in June, the staff began looking at additional options to bring it back. St. George City Council approved a location move request made by Georgefest staff on Thursday, July 6, 2017.

The approval authorized the event to hold the DJ Dance Party on the roof top of the parking structure located on Main Street. As Georgefest staff further investigated the logistics, they found there to be an additional cost to produce the event of approximately $500 to cover adding additional security and porta-potties. Another option, closing down Main Street from Tabernacle to 100 South, was looked at to expand the footprint of the event. However, cost to exercise this option would cost the event approximately $650.

Georgefest cancels DJ Dance Party
Community youth congregate in regular location of DJ Dance Party. | Georgefest cancels DJ Dance Party | June 2017 |

While a decision of longevity has not been determined for the DJ Dance Party, the event staff saw a real need to return the event with an estimated 600-800 youth showing up in June looking for the dance. Going forward, the event is considering charging an admission to the DJ Dance Party. Georgefest staff are considering a $5 charge to those wanting to attend. Depending upon the decision, the Back to School Bash could be the last free offering of the DJ Dance Party at Georgefest.

Georgefest ForecastThe downtown monthly streetfest event will also host an array of buskers, food trucks and booths, community organizations and vendors of all sorts for attendees to visit.

For those headed to Georgefest, it is advised to keep an eye on the weather. Currently, forecasts call for a 50% chance of rain on Friday. Attendees will want to be well equipped to stay dry.


Additional area LIVE Music options on Friday include:
Full Tilt BoogieGeorge’s Corner, Nick Adams, 8-11 pm.
Even Stevens, Lisa Mac, 7-9 pm.
DUB’S BBQ, Tom Bennett, 6:30-8:30 pm
Sand Hollow Resort, Full Tilt Boogie, 6:30-9 pm.


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