George Streetfest showcases LIVE Music in massive outdoor music festival style

George Streetfest
Photo by Nick Adams, courtesy of Emceesquare Media
George Streetfest
Photos by Nick Adams, courtesy of Emceesquare Media

George Streetfest showcases LIVE Music in massive outdoor music festival style. Southern Utah’s biggest monthly community celebration is held on the first Friday of every month, from 6 to 10 p.m. St. George Main Street closes between St. George Boulevard and Tabernacle to celebrate the best of southern Utah.

On the first Friday of every month, George Streetfest continually delivers a rich environment bursting with an abundant sense of community in the heart of the city. The community celebration is built on the desire to celebrate local artists while providing a clean and safe nightlife entertainment option for local residents and tourists.

Live music, local artists, performers, crafters, vendors, and food trucks fill the streets dispensing an immense variety of options for music, entertainment, food, fun, shopping, and community gathering downtown. With signature street concerts, buskers, and goods offered by local artists, farmers, and merchants–the rich sense of community in the heart of the city is an event for everyone.

George StreetfestGeorge Streetfest Main Stage consistently delivers high quality musical acts. In addition, to showcasing the area’s best local talent, the stage is becoming well-known across the region as the premier event to play in southern Utah. This notoriety is landing top-notch play by musicians known far and wide gracing the stage and plugging into the growing southern Utah music scene. The fresh sounds are bringing the crowds out in droves as they come to hear and see the free open air concert on the George Streetfest Main Stage each month.

West Coast Jazz Players

In addition, The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden is among the most popular attractions of George Streetfest. The music is hosted by the West Coast Jazz Players. Their incredible talent has been so well received, they quickly became the choice as the ongoing house band. The reliability of incredible music has helped make The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden highly favored among regular George Streetfest attendees. The West Coast Jazz Players are all individually experienced and talented, the combination of their skills creates a group of high-caliber musicians not often seen at this level. However, they also are well connected and always bring in guests of extraordinary talent adding a little new twist each month to keep it fresh and lively.

George StreetfestWhile the two main LIVE Music options of George Streetfest are geared towards crowds and socializing with a stage to showcase their talent, there is more. Buskers offer street music securing a crowd of their own. Affectionately becoming known as the George Streetfest Street Tribe, these musicians bring the sounds of music to their raw basics. As they play their sounds along the streets, they quickly are circled by those unable to pass by as they are pulled with intrigue of the sounds and instruments being shared.

Live music lovers will appreciate live music at all levels and settings. Featuring a signature street concert on the main stage, fabulous music and entertainment in The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden, along with with buskers and street performers–George Streetfest is an event offering nightlife worth getting excited about.

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