Fresh off tour, Tom Bennett brings Gleewood home to play


Fresh off tour, Tom Bennett brings Gleewood home to play at Jazzy’s on August 2 at 8 pm.

Tom Bennett
Photo by Daniel Gentry, Grain Of Truth Photography.

Tom Bennett has been on a grueling, sightseeing, people-meeting, music-playing, three month coast to coast tour all across the United States. Bennett known for his authentic folk-blues music brings an incredible sound as an one man band with his gritty voice, guitar picking fingers, toe-tapping kickbox and melodic harp play. He is equally revered for his love of people, culture and experiences. It was through his desire for getting to know people and their stories his thirst was quenched with getting to know Gleewood.

Gleewood is a husband and wife folk duo out of the beautiful mountain town of Ruidoso, New Mexico. They came through St. George on tour when Bennett had the opportunity to get to know them. Bennett took them out camping and shot a music video with them.

“We made some good friends that night and started to talk of future shows together,” shared Bennett. “This became a reality this summer Tom Bennett and Gleewood photowhen we toured through New Mexico and all the way to Georgia. Our shows were a huge hit as we traded off songs and I joined them on harmonica and backing vocals to close the night.”

Bennett says you cannot go anywhere in New Mexico without meeting fans and friends of Gleewood.

Gleewood 3The duo got their start when Jhett Schiavone recorded some demo songs to book a local coffee shop gig. He asked Callie Sioux to join him on vocals. The coffee shop loved what they heard but had a condition in order to book him. They wanted “the girl” to do the show with him. Sioux has just the right voice to compliment Schiavone’s deep baritone. The two soon started writing songs together and Sioux started playing bass. They created Gleewood to “bring mountain music to those in need” and started playing local shows before transitioning to touring.

Prior to the night of camping and connection, Bennett had briefly met Gleewood when he was playing a gig at Sundance at the invitation of Tony Holiday.

Photo by Eric J. Reed
Photo by Eric J. Reed

“Gleewood has a residency during the Sundance Film Festival called Indie Fresh Brew Concert Series,” Bennett explained. “They bring the best musicians they hear each year. We got on each other’s radar that day. About a year later, Gleewood got in touch and let me know they had been seeing how hard I was touring. They had respect for the hustle and the reputation I had built on the road. So, when they said they were coming through St. George, we decided to get together for the music jamming camping session.”

From the Sundance gig where they initially met, to the camping jam session, to sharing in the joys of marriage, to being able to tour together this summer has manifested a personal friendship and music collaboration. Bennett is bringing Gleewood to Southern Utah. They will all be performing together at Jazzy’s on Tuesday, August 2 at 8pm.

Gleewood will also be performing at the Colorado City Music Festival on October 15 along with Tony Holiday (following his opening for Willie Nelson), Tom Bennett, Lorin Walker Madsen and the Hustlers, Canyons, Highway Thieves and more.

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