DocUtah @theElectric shows The Golden Age


DocUtah @theelectricThey played World Cup soccer with Pele and Maradona. Now their story is at The Electric Theater. These aging World Cup soccer stars, who were used to the adoration of millions of fans, now play just as ferociously for local fans in a park in Queens, New York. The Golden Age, produced and directed by award-winning filmmakers, Phil Tuckett and Scott Duncan, is narrated by famed actor, Edward James Olmos. The film screens at The Electric Theater on May 26 at 7 P.M.

The New York Times noted, “Though slightly past their prime, the men are hardly weekend warriors. The play is rugged. There are daring diving headers and savage sliding tackles. Passes are crisp, and the men execute plays with the strategic cunning of a chess grandmaster.”

Tuckett and Duncan also traveled to six countries in Latin America to give the audience a glimpse into the hometowns where the players started, where soccer, or fútbol as it is known there, is as close to a religion as it can get. The rivalries from those beginnings still manifest themselves as players compete in the humble park in New York City.

“We wanted to understand the environment in which these men grew up,” said Phil Tuckett,Executive Director of The DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival, DOCUTAH@TheELECTRIC and the newly opened DSU Film Studios. “What is interesting about these players is that, although their professional careers are behind them, the old rivalries between teams and countries can still be seen in their play. Players may have lost some speed and their legs may not be as strong as they were, but they make up for it by playing a very strategic game.”

According to the review in The New York Post, “Soccer fans everywhere will appreciate Phil Tuckett’s … documentary which takes the viewer on an enthralling, and very engaging, look at the topsy-turvey season of the Golden Age League. Despite their former glory (not to mention the addition of a few hanging guts and some aching muscles), it doesn’t stop theplayers from competing among a flurry of passion and, very often, red cards.”

This group of former soccer stars, mostly from Central and South America, with muscles creaking, hairlines receding and waistlines expanding, compete at a level never documented, while holding down day jobs as window washers, traders, and electricians. Tickets should be reserved at and $10 payment in cash is paid at the door. Attendees wearing team soccer shirts, can gt a ticket for $5.00.

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