The Desert Pulse says goodbye to Georgefest

Georgefest June Moon Jubilee

The Desert PulseIt is with both a bit of sadness and a great deal of excitement, The Desert Pulse says goodbye to Georgefest. We love and support the continued success of the community event. Georgefest has successfully delivered a monthly event that has opened the doors for many great things to happen in the Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment scene. The Desert Pulse will continue to highlight the event and share information related to the musicians performing at the event. However, The Desert Pulse is shifting participation focus on bringing a gorgeous new venue to southern Utah requiring full attention and concentration.

“Having invested a great deal of time, energy and resources into building The Desert Pulse Jazz Garden into such an amazing venue, it is hard to walk away from sponsoring and managing the event,” shares George Scott. “So many spectacular memories, experiences and learning revolve around my involvement with the garden.”

The garden started with Carlyle Potter managing the event and laying the foundation for offering residents and visitors a unique experience in southern Utah nightlife options.

“I had some big shoes to fill when Carlyle decided to step down,” states Scott. “I was sponsoring the event at the time and knew I wanted to continue the success of the event. And, I also had a vision of building on the success while growing it further.”

The Desert Pulse
During the tenure of The Desert Pulse sponsorship and management of the event, the event outgrew its original space in the beautiful courtyard of Ancestor Square. The Desert Pulse was able to secure a new gorgeous location with much more space at Green Gate Village, where the event has been able to flourish. The ability to host the growing crowd was a key component of taking the event to another level in presentation. 

The Desert Pulse
“The Desert Pulse is proud of the accomplishments made in growing and nurturing the garden into what it has become,” exclaims Scott. “We were able to secure a permit from the City for a full year, with reviews, for the first time ever offered by St. George City Council. We were able to move the event to a gorgeous new location offering space to host the growing crowds we brought with the ability to continue to grow. Bringing a broader variety of music proved to be hugely successful; both, in attendance and record sales.”

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“While I leave a piece of my heart and soul with the event, I knew it was time to expand what The Desert Pulse brings to the Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment Scene,” Scott stated. “I gave my letter of resignation back in April but stayed on to help the event transition. Two of our executive committee members had out of country trips scheduled and I did not feel like I could leave until they returned and had time to find a replacement. The Desert Pulse has expanded tremendously in developing and creating additional entertainment options throughout the region. We have a new project that offers a tremendous opportunity for weekly live music, monthly concerts, several multi-day music festivals and more. This bigger project has been in the works for a while but I did not want to leave Georgefest until I felt it could continue to succeed without our involvement.”

Ryan Groskreutz has been hired to manage the George Jazz Garden going forward. He brings a wealth of experience having owned and operated Gogo 37. Although, short lived, the club has had a lasting impact on nightlife in southern Utah–laying the foundation for many things that have come since. He also was the booking agent for Jazzy’s, until its recent closure. There he helped create a cult-like following with the fanbase. Groskreutz also has previously been an employee of Georgefest as a booking agent for the Main Street Stage durings the first year of operations.

“I am excited to see where Ryan takes the garden from here,” shares Scott. “He brings his own vision and experience with a different crowd. I am confident in his abilities to further reach a younger demographic that could help the event grow further. I have enjoyed working with Ryan in several capacities and look forward to watching what he does with the garden.”

The Desert Pulse
“We appreciate George for the time and effort contributed to Georgefest and promoting local musicians,” shared Georgefest Executive Director Melynda Thorpe. “We wish him the very best in his endeavors to continue moving forward the live music scene in southern Utah and its many talented artists.”

“It has been a huge pleasure to work alongside George Scott and The Desert Pulse to get the word out to the greater St. George community about Georgefest” exclaims Media Relation Director Marianne Hamilton. “He has always been a passionate, tireless advocate for live entertainment and the area’s many talented performers, and made many valuable connections. Also, his roll-out of The Desert Pulse meant that our monthly street festival enjoyed ongoing visibility, and that our performers were spotlighted and celebrated. George logged tons of hours on both the music and media sides of the house, and we were extremely lucky to work with him. I wish George huge success in the future; it will be exciting to watch The Desert Pulse continue to grow and flourish.”

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“There are far too many people to thank for the experience I have had with the event,” Scott reflected. “I hesitate to mention names for fear of missing someone instrumental in the success I have had there. However, there are some I cannot leave without mentioning.”

“I am forever thankful to Carlyle Potter for his efforts in getting the garden off the ground. He established the early undertakings and created a gathering that allowed for a tremendous opportunity for an event that was one of the first of its kind.”

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“The staff I worked with were incredibly supportive. From those at the entrance, those that served food and beverages, those that volunteered their time helping with security, the incredible musicians that played way under their value and for the pure love of playing, Ancestor Square Board, Downtown Merchants, Green Gate Village owners, the St. George City Council, City staff, Mayor Jon Pike for his visionary support and encouragement, along with so many others–thank you!”

“In addition, there are two individuals that helped me learn more in production than I can ever repay.” First, to Gordon Strang. Gordon has been a true friend and professional in every way. Helping with insight, advice and physical involvement in bringing so much of what happened under my tenure to life.”

“Second, my right hand man, Dan Worthington. My first order of business was to get professional sound for the event and Dan delivered in a big way. I was able to count on him in making the experience feel and sound right by getting the talent to sound as good as they truly were. And, I could always count on Dan to bridge the gap of where my passion and zeal sometimes outpaced my experience. He truly saved the show on more than one occasion and has become someone I can trust to make my productions a better experience.”

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“I also want to thank all of the people who have attended the event and been so supportive of what The Desert Pulse does and the reputation it has built. Without the encouragement, attendance and support–none of this would have been possible. It is you that has built The Desert Pulse into what it has become and continues to be. It is your overwhelming enthusiasm for what we do to be able to raise the bar on Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment. It is you that is making it possible to step up to bigger and better opportunities. For this, I say thank you to each and every one of you.”

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“While I leave a piece of me in the garden, I am excited for the tremendous opportunity in front of me that will allow The Desert Pulse to continue to raise the bar on Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment through elevated experiences for adult nightlife in our region. This new project is going to be spectacular and look forward to the continued support of so many that have helped us reach tremendous accomplishments in delivering consistent enjoyable nightlife.”

“If you have remotely liked what The Desert Pulse has done to date–you are going to LOVE what we have coming. Plug in and amplify your life, The Desert Pulse is your ticket to Southern Utah LIVE Music and Entertainment.”

To learn more on the new venture in opening a world class destination venue, poised to become the hub for LIVE Music regionally, with weekly and monthly music offerings, along with multi day music festivals in the works–read the following article:

Sand Hollow Resort announces partnership with The Desert Pulse to present LIVE Music and Entertainment. 

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  1. Thank you for the kind words George! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and to see your hard work and dedication pay off. You have created many magical events in “The Garden” for musicians and our Community alike. This new adventure allows you the chance to build something great from the ground up. Congrats my friend!

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