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Zachary Sterling

Zachary Sterling identifies his music as “Indie-Soul.” Sterling has been heavily influenced by a wide variety of artists and bands, including: The Beach Boys, Queen, Little Richard, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, The Beach Boys, Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Randy Newman, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Miles Davis, Jacob Collier and Kendrick Lamar.

Zachary Sterling
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Zachary Sterling got his first taste of public musical experience at the age of 12 when he joined community theater production of Pirates of Penzance. While he did not take well to the acting portion of things, he absolutely fell in love with the musical side of the production. Picking up the guitar at age 13, he began writing music, a process that eventually led him to songwriting.

Joining his first band (primarily playing Ska music) when he was 15 provided Sterling a lot of great experience to hone his craft. Here, Sterling began to sharpen his stage skills. Although most of his band’s gigs were in less-than-ideal venues (playing in the attic of a storage unit, for example), Sterling quickly learned how to work a crowd of any size into a frenzy. As his skills and talent grew, Sterling eventually found his way into Funk/Soul and Jazz bands before entering his Senior year of high school. Before graduating high school, Sterling had won himself 5 prestigious Downbeat awards from Jazz magazine Downbeat Magazine. He also had already made tours to Puerto Vallarta, Telluride, CO, Twin Falls, ID and New York, NY where he played in venues such as Carnegie Hall and Club Dizzie.

Zachary Sterling
Photo Credit: Caleb Chapman

After graduating from high school, Sterling quickly began learning how to translate his high-energy, full-band performances into a one-man show. Sterling graduated from the University of Utah in 2017 where he earned his degree in music composition. While completing his degree, Sterling spent most of his weekends in coffee shops and small venues playing open-mics and showcases to sharpen his solo show skills. He also spent much of his time organizing and playing concerts of his own, raising money for both Philippine Hurricane relief efforts and Utah Foster Care. Sterling sold out his last benefit concert in April 2017, a benefit for Utah Foster Care.

Zachary Sterling is currently busy building a fanbase in his hometown of Salt Lake City, UT. He supports himself by playing 3-6 shows a week while also teaching music lessons to help make ends meet. In addition, Sterling is starting to reach beyond his hometown and hitting the road to expand his music regionally. He has played several gigs in cities such as Moab, UT, Grand Junction, CO, Las Vegas, NV, St. George, UT and Phoenix, AZ. His reception in southern Utah has been warm and inviting while playing several gigs around the area.

Zachary SterlingSterling’s true passion is live music and feels that performing live is what he was born to do. Watching Sterling perform, it is easy to see his compassion and love for playing live music. He is engaging, entertaining and fun as well as talented. His desire is to be a full-time touring artist and is aiming to be on the road full-time in 2018. Sterling’s ultimate goal is to build a fanbase large enough that he can support himself and his family by recording and touring. In addition, he hopes to eventually build a record company in Utah along with its own marketing team to help promote the incredible talent in Utah.

Aside from music, Sterling is extremely passionate about kids and helping them to grow and develop. He spends a large amount of his time teaching kids to sing and is currently organizing his second concert aimed to raise money for Utah Foster Care. Sterling will continue to make sure that any growth in his career means a growth in the amount that he can give to organizations such as Utah Foster Care.

One of few promises Sterling is willing to make is that a Zachary Sterling concert will never disappoint and guarantees high-quality and high-energy entertainment.

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