The Desert Pulse artist spotlight on Wirelefant


The Desert Pulse artist spotlight on Wirelefant

Name: Wirelefant
Band members: Brandon Clove–Acoustic, Vocals, Dallen Wittwer–Bass Guitar, Rylan Leo Pinarelli–Drums, Jacob Savage–Lead Guitar
Hometown: St. George
Founded: 2013
Genre: Alternative
Influences: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Rush, Coheed and Cambria, Incubus, City and Colour, Beck, Zeppelin, and RHCP.

Wirelefant3Wirelefant is a St. George-based band which draws its influences from alternative, acoustic and rock music genres. The project began as an acoustic duo but soon morphed into a full-on alternative rock band. They have quickly become one the region’s best-known and most popular bands. Playing venues in Las Vegas and throughout the Beehive State, Wirelefant has earned a loyal following of fans both locally and regionally.

It is easy to see why Wirelefant has become a fan favorite. Astonishing versatility makes them a hit in settings of every sort. Their ability to play smooth sets for easy listening ears to fully engaging in your face rock-n-roll creates a high-demand for this band. Whether they are entertaining young crowds in loud venues, to pleasing families with lighter melodies and familiar tunes, Wirelefant is just good solid music.

Wirelefant2Their recorded music is enticing. But, experiencing Wirelefant live is a must for music fans. Sounding as if they have been playing together for years is a testament to their musical talent and professional stage presence. This band plays tight. The wavering riffs take fans on momentary journeys of fantasy-weaved musical bliss before coming right back together without missing a beat. The vocals are scattered with gripping emotional, gritty, sexy, seductive, statement making tones. Original lyrics are poignant, intelligent, and pulling. Mixing the ingredients of incredibly played music, gripping vocals and clenching lyrics draws the audience in quickly and intensely.

This young band, made up of young members, is making a definite and impressive mark upon the music scene and continue to mature with every performance. Make no mistake, they are professional in every sense of the word–but, they continue to soar and are setting the bar higher and higher each time they play. Wirelefant is a must see experience for serious music lovers.

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