The Desert Pulse artist spotlight on Oskar and Julia

Oskar and Julia

Oskar and Julia
The Desert Pulse artist spotlight on Oskar and Julia.

Name: Oskar and Julia
Band members: Oskar Buie, Julia Lelis Buie, Boston Hatch
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Founded: 2015
Genre: Sauce Rock
Influences: Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Creedence Clearwater, Django Reinhardt, James Brown.

Oskar and JuliaOskar & Julia are a husband and wife Sauce Rock duo from Salt Lake City, Utah. They possess a passion for the authenticity of acoustic instruments and rhythms, as well as intricate vocal harmonies which is evident in their stellar performances. With a sound and style all their own, there is interwoven influences from artists ranging Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, and James Brown to Patsy Cline, Django Reinhardt, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Oskar and Julia, each were in previous bands before meeting each other through attending shows hosted by one another. Eventually, they both left their bands and previous acts to begin collaborating on each others original songs and comparing writing styles. They became songwriting partners and best friends. The two moved to Los Angeles under the same management. A year later, after falling in love during their hard-earned success, trials, label offers, and ends of professional relationships in Southern California–they declared themselves an independent duo with no need of a manager. After many instinctive life moves and difficult business situations, Oskar & Julia determined the music industry is corrupt, and they were going to proceed as a business with their music as a product–their album, and not succumb to label ideals and control.

oskar-and-julia-3Oskar & Julia moved back to their hometown and got married on January 16, 2016, beginning their journey together as a family and family business–Oskar & Julia Music LLC and Oskar & Julia Music Publishing LLC.

Shortly after moving home, Oskar caught up with long-time friend, Boston Hatch, a childhood band mate who had become a big fan of Oskar and Julia’s work while the duo was forming their “sound” in LA. Soon, Boston was jamming with Oskar and Julia regularly on their new and older tunes, adding a percussive and intricate style atop the duo’s already-saucy, written songs. They asked him to join the band as their instrumentalist, giving an incredibly flavorful sauce to each song after the duo finished writing them.

Oskar and JuliaAfter asking Boston to join them, they began recording their debut album, Wilshire Royale–titled after their apartment building while living in Los Angeles. There, they wrote and polished each song on the album.

In studio, Oskar & Julia each recorded the acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. Oskar recorded all of the major percussion on cajon with a set of drum brushes for a jazzier, lighter sound as to not trample over the vocal harmony frequencies in the mix. Julia recorded shaker over the cajon tracks, and Boston recorded both acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Oskar and JuliaAll three members of the band are known for their percussive, rhythmic, saucy style of guitar playing. They aim to make their audience members dance to their upbeat, Sauce Rock music.

Oskar & Julia consider themselves a unique blend of roots rock, rockabilly, blues rock, and gypsy jazz, as their main influences branch from those genres. They choose to describe their product as Sauce Rock because so frequently, they come down from the stage after their performances and audience members comment on how “saucy” their music is. Thus, Sauce Rock!

Oskar and JuliaOskar & Julia have had a full year of playing large corporate events, festivals, opening for big names such as Grammy-nominated Emily King and Neon Trees’ drummer, Elaine Bradley’s break-off band, Kissed Out. They’ve also played several huge expo shows, and are being hired and invited to play all over the nation. Things are moving quickly for this dynamic duo and their instrumentalist/best bud, Boston.

Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, the works! It is also available as a tangible CD on their website,

Find more on Oskar and Julia at their website, their debut music video, and all social media with @oskarandjulia



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  1. They stayed at the hotel I work at and I wasn’t able to see them perform but they were kind enough to give me an albumb for free. I absolutely love their sound and I am rooting for them 100% of the way!

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