The Desert Pulse artist spotlight: Jessica Manalo

Jessica Manalo

Jessica Manalo
The Desert Pulse artist spotlight on Jessica Manalo.

Name: Jessica Manalo
Genre: Indie Soul/R&B
Founded: 2015
Home: Las Vegas, NV
Members: Jessica Manalo, Breanna Shen, Anthony Braun, B’yana Hinton.
Influences: Kimbra, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Haley Williams, Alabama Shakes

Jessica ManaloJessica Manalo was born with a determined and inspired spirit. Growing up, as a teenager, she was singing behind closed doors, creating YouTube videos and recordings with her own twist to various songs. Music has always touched her and made her feel alive. Manalo credits many artists to influencing her musical style and writing approach, including: Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Alabama Shakes, Kimbra, and Hayley Williams from Paramore. While the others have influenced her, Manalo has created and developed, for herself, a soulful, sultry, and powerful rock voice along with heartfelt material writing from her own personal experiences.

Jessica ManaloManalo did not begin regularly performing for an audience until she was about nineteen years old. Although being underage, she discovered an open mic in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas called The Human Experience which continues to take place every Monday night. With determination, Manalo would sneak in before security arrived and remain inside the building all night–eagerly hoping for the opportunity to share just one song.

The young singer/songwriter religiously attended the Human Experience every Monday night for nearly two years. The beginnings of her participation at this local open mic, Manalo has been able to meet many aspiring artists, like herself, which have helped to build her confidence and a budding fan base. Since, she starting gaining countless opportunities, landing gig after gig and eventually getting paid to do what she loves most.

At the age of twenty-two, Manalo was able to quit her full-time job and pursue her passion of becoming a full-time musician. Jessica has had the privilege of having a backing band and recording her first self-titled EP in 2015. Her increased frequency in playing live show has resulted in people taking notice within the music scene. She has received a great deal of positive feedback from local press and media such as the Las Vegas Weekly, Desert Companion, Smash Magazine and was able to launch Balcony TV Las Vegas’ first episode at the Hard Rock Cafe.

In May of 2016 Jessica Manalo was able to venture out on her “Silence Tour,” stopping trough Los Angeles, San Diego, Boulder City, Reno, Fort Collins, and Denver. At the end of the year, Jessica was awarded “Best New Voice of 2016” by Las Vegas Weekly. She has then been able to open for recognized, waving artists such as Allen Stone, JMSN, Lawrence Taylor,  Black Milk, and performed with opening act for Emily King’s “Switch Tour”.

Jessica ManaloThe soul singer is currently working on perfecting her live performances, recording new material, filming new music videos and is hoping to tour again in the year of 2017. Manalo is determined to progress and take herself to the next level focusing on opening for bigger acts, enhancing and honing in on her unique sound, and most importantly seeking to inspire and reach as many as possible.

Jessica Manalo has already made a name for herself in a city filled with talented musicians. As she continues to spread her wings with performances and tours in additional cities, there is no doubt–Jessica Manalo will continue to grow her fan base as she rises in the music world. Jessica Manolo’s soulful, sultry crooning will create fans from coast to coast. Her soul penetrating vocals are a must hear, see, feel experience. Catch her where and when you can–you will be a believer!

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