Brigham’s Playhouse delivers Ramona Quimby with charm

Brigham's Playhouse Ramona Quimby

Brigham's Playhouse Ramona Quimby
Brigham’s Playhouse delivers Ramona Quimby with charm.
Reviewed and Written by Ashley Smith Paramore.

Brigham’s Playhouse production of Ramona Quimby is everything a child who grew up reading her stories in the 90’s would expect. Ramona Quimby precisely addresses the typical concerns of a child within an average middle-class family with uncanny perception, fondness, and charm.

Brigham's Playhouse Ramona Quimby
The play is based on the novels written by award winning author, Beverly Cleary. It is evident Cleary’s experience as a children’s librarian offered her vast first-hand knowledge in understanding the nuances of telling fantastic stories.

The story unfolds as it follows Ramona, who loves to explore her world of imagination as she goes through the typical struggles of an eight year old growing up. As Ramona is experiencing and learning, her family is there beside her to help–despite the mischief she gets into.  It is told from Ramona’s point of view, with her sister, Beezus, as the narrator.

It is the beginning of a new school year and Ramona has the awful Mrs. Griggs for her third grade teacher. Luckily, she is not alone and has her friend Howie by her side. Throughout the play, Ramona learns that no matter what happens, she still has a happy family to come home to. Whether it be financial hardships when Mr. Quimby loses his job and Mrs. Quimby had to go back to work, or when Aunt Bea gets married and moves away, or all the trouble that happens at school–Ramona knows her family is there for her and they can make each other happy.  

Brigham's Playhouse Ramona QuimbyThe annoying but lovable Ramona made the show and provides an abundance of laughter to the stage. She is quirky, loud and adorable. Beezus is the older sister all younger sisters dream of having. She is smart, pretty and helps Ramona understand the hard parts of life. Together, they make the perfect team. Mr. and Mrs. Quimby have their struggles, but work together perfectly to figure it out. Aunt Bea is the perfect aunt: always happy, always smiling, and always bringing treats. Mrs. Griggs does an excellent job at making me glad I am no longer in the third grade! She does not have time for imagination, daydreaming, or excitement.

Karissa Young does an excellent job directing Ramona Quimby. From the beginning, the audience is entertained by an incredibly fun-loving and enthusiastic cast. This is definitely a play I would love to bring the whole family back to see.

Ramona Quimby shows at Brigham’s Playhouse on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 pm, and Saturdays at 2 pm through August 13.

Brigham's Playhouse by The Desert PulseWhere to find Brigham’s Playhouse:
Cottontown Village
25 North 300 West
Washington, UT 84780
(435) 251-8000

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