Biker television series, Temporary Australian, hogging it up in Kanab

Temporary Australians

Temporary AustraliansTemporary Australians are documenting their cross country motorcycle ride from Los Angeles, California to Sturgis, South Dakota.


Temporary Australians4Australian motorcycle television series, Temporary Australian will be holding a press conference in Kanab, UT on Thursday, July 28 at 8 am in the Kane County Commission Chambers and are welcoming the public.

The public is invited out to chat with the crew from down under as they travel through Kanab on their journey to discover the American motorcycle culture and track down some of the many Aussies who head to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

They began their journey in L.A. on July 24th. They will be in Kanab on Thursday, July 28 to meet with local bikers and press.

The Temporary Australians television series looks behind the negative public image to the people themselves, doing the stuff they love and explaining it all on camera. Temporary Australians goes where many have never been but most want to go: the motorcycle shows, rides, races, events and rallies. The reality show talks to riders and finds out what makes them tick while showing the fun they have, how they involve their families and how they contribute positively to the wider Australian society.

Temporary Australians3This motorcycle documentary series from down under aims to capture a snapshot of the enormously positive motorcycle culture in the USA. Controversially called ‘Temporary Australians’, the show aims to refute the negative motorcycling stereotypes that exist in Australia and are held by many in mainstream society.

Now filming its fifth series to air later this year in Australia, ‘Temporary Australians’ will interview bikers from all parts of the biker culture on the journey to Sturgis.

Take a ride to Kanab and share your love of biking in this beautiful area with the television series, Temporary Australian!

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