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cropped-The-Desert-Pulse-The-Beat-on-LIVE-Music-Venues-Artists.jpgThe Desert Pulse is your ticket to the Southern Utah LIVE Music Scene. Whether you are looking for Southern Utah LIVE Music Venues, Southern Utah LIVE Music musicians and artists, Southern Utah Nightlife, Southern Utah Dining or the Best of Southern Utah Events, Attractions and Entertainment–you will find it with The Desert Pulse. From St. George, Zion, Springdale, Hurricane, Kanab, Cedar City, Mesquite, Brian Head, and more–if it is LIVE Music and Entertainment worth seeing, hearing, or knowing about–you will find it at The Desert Pulse. As the region’s comprehensive source for the southern Utah live music scene, across the desert floor, you will find your beat for everything live music at The Desert Pulse.

The Desert Pulse is your number one resource for the southern Utah live music scene. You’ll find everything you need to plug into and support live music, the artists playing it, and the live music venues providing it. The Desert Pulse has live music venue reviews, bio’s and interviews with artists, bands, and musicians, the gigs, festivals, concerts, music releases, live music updates in real time, and more.

The southern Utah music scene is a grand buffet of live music styles certain to satisfy every taste. Stay plugged in with The Desert Pulse for one blow-out event after another. You’ll find a wide spectrum of genres ranging from jazz, punk, alternative rock, Americana, metal, country, blues, funk, and soul. Whether you want to bang your head, tap your toes, hit the dance floor, or just chill with friends–you’ll find your St. George live music beat at The Desert Pulse.

Center stage at the convergence of three geological meccas (Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and Great Basin), southern Utah scenery is surrounded by amazing natural architecture, solitude of generous wide-open spaces, and grandiose desert horizons. During the early morning sunrise or evening sunset, it can be difficult to discern the threshold where heaven ends and earth begins. A frequent destination for nomads, seekers, and travelers of all origin, this recreational mecca offers a hospitable energy for those wanting to enjoy living life at a more leisurely and purposeful pace. It is no surprise why St. George is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

Like the cactus flower, there is a budding renaissance in the southern Utah live music scene bringing a blooming culture for live music lovers to enjoy. The Desert Pulse is dedicated to participating in the intense passion with those that live for live music by sharing everything live music all across the desert floor.

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