2017 Summer Movie Edition of the Guerilla Shorts Showcase June 24

Guerilla Shorts Showcase


Guerilla Shorts ShowcaseOn June 24th at The Electric Theater, summer blockbusters, independent cinema, and community film-making will collide during “the 2017 Summer Movie Edition of the Guerilla Shorts Showcase.” Doors will open at 5:30 PM and the adventure will begin at 6 PM. A fun-filled evening of cinematic entertainment, and for only $6 ($3 for children 11 and under.)

Presented by the Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah, the centerpiece of this event will consist of a collection of 21 short films created by talented and dedicated local storytellers. The film-making teams behind these wonderfully entertaining (and in some cases, bold) shorts assembled their projects in a limited amount of time using any resources available to them. These diverse six-minute short films were put together in conjunction with The Guerilla Film-making Challenge, a southern Utah-based storytelling platform that’s been encouraging a creative spark in local filmmakers of all ages and all skill sets for the better part of 12 years.

The Guerilla Shorts Showcase will be followed up by “The Local Filmmaker Spotlight.”

Guerilla Shorts ShowcaseThere’s plenty of film-making talent here in St. George, and a lot of that talent remains untapped because there really isn’t a venue for these individuals to showcase their work. With this special Spotlight, the goal is to give these filmmakers an environment where they can share their work, converse with like-minded individuals, and grow as storytellers. This particular event will spotlight two short films; Mike Crockett’s actioneer/comedy, “Tie Break,” and Kreigh Carter’s whimsical bonding tale, “It’s Lonely Down Here.”

“The Local Filmmaker Spotlight” will be followed by a special conversation with filmmaker, Rocco DeVillers (“The Fyboys.”) DeVillers is not only a gifted storyteller, he’s also extremely accessible and quite the fanboy at heart.

DeVilliers has plenty of projects in the pipeline, and during this intimate Q & A, you’ll learn all about them. With any luck, this accomplished director will also dish on secrets of the trade, so if you have questions about film-making in general, he’s definitely a guy to ask.

While these events have always been about support and filmmakers challenging themselves and learning from their experiences, programmers also recognize that a little competition is healthy for the soul. Therefore, awards will be handed out to the strongest Guerilla Shorts of the bunch. The outcome will be decided by a panel of prestigious judges including filmmaker Rocco DeVilliers, Georgefest co-founder Melynda Thorpe, The Space Between legend Kelly Thomas, the great Paul Ford of “No Filter” fame and Southern Utah’s Entertainment Experience Creator George Scott from The Desert Pulse. There will also be an Audience Choice Award decided upon by you, the fearless attendee. Programmers promise a couple of surprises throughout this epic evening as well.

Guerilla Shorts Showcase“The Guerilla Shorts Showcase” prides itself on the encouraging and nurturing of local talent. The public is invited to “Come on out and lend your support” to a dedicated and passionate storytelling community. Who knows? By the time the event is over, you may even get bit by the bug and decide to make a movie yourself!

For updated information on this special event, be sure to check out “Southern Utah’s Guerilla Film-making Challenge” Facebook page.

Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/SUGuerillaFilmmaking/
Event Trailer; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSHD-a8YjzI

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